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Velvet 0.4l




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Velvet 0.4l

Velvet 0.4l
    Brewery:Prague Breweries Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

Not only has the the expertise and experience gained through centuries contributed to this unique Velvet beer, which are the characteristics typical of Czech maltsters, but also has their creativity. It is a beer that continues to capture the attention at the very moment of serving. When poured into an elegant glass an outstanding avalanche-effect can be seen, whilst the beer remains crowned with a thick and creamy head. Its golden-brown hues make you long for the bitter tones of its deliciously velvet taste. The mystery of Velvet is a result of the unique combination of four malts that are harnessed in an original brewing process, the use of bitter hop varieties aswell as the selection of high-quality brewing barley and the special method of serving.

Prague Breweries introduced the Velvet trademark with great success in the second half of 1997.

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