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    Brewery:New Zealand Breweries Limited

Please Wait, Loading . . . Steinlager was first brewed in response to a challenge by then Finance minister Lord Nordmeyer. In his "black budget" he threatened to cut International beer imports to boost the flagging economy, and laid down the challenge for New Zealand's leading brewers to "come up with an International style lager beer". So Steinecker was born. In 1962 it changed it's name to Steinlager.

Steinlager is now exported all around the world. Steinlager won the Les Amis Du Vin competition four years in a row in the late 1970's, after which the organisers politely asked if it could refrain from entering "to give the others a chance". In 1985 at the Brewers' International Exhitibition in London, it was judged the World's Best Lager. In 1998 it was awarded two Monde Selection gold medals in Belgium. More recently Steinlager won a gold medal and 'Best in Class' in the lager division at the 2006 Australian International Beer Awards.

Steinlager's success around the world is credited to its distinctive taste and use of only pure, natural New Zealand ingredients. It has a dry, tangy finish and the green bullet hops deliver a clean, crisp bitterness.

Steinlager compliments any spicy dish, such as a Thai curry and it's characteristic bitterness sweeps the palate leaving it refreshed and ready for more. Steinlager is also perfect with tomato based pasta dishes, as the herbacious nature of the hops enhances the herbs, bringing subtlety to the meal.

Style: Lager

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