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Slovak Republic
Slovak Beer "Stein"
Stein - Draught ALE 10%
Stein - Draught STOUT 11%
Stein - Special beer 14%
Grosak Draught ALE 10%
Grosak Lager beer 12%




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Stein - Special beer 14%

Stein - Special beer 14%
    Brewery:STEIN beverages a.s., Slovak republic

This beer belongs into the category of special lagers with the original mash extract exceeding 13.7%.

Its technological procedure as well as taste and aromatic features differ from standard Stein beer. It is produced from quality fresh water, malt, hop, hop extract and minimum sugar. Fermentation is traditional, while the phase of fermentation and afterfermentation are separated. Afterfermentation in lager cellars occurs at temperatures around 0 C, and it takes almost twice as much time compared to standard Stein beer. It is typical for strong malt taste and distinctive intensity of bitterness. Rich and long-lasting foam give this beer an "image" of a top quality drink.

Alcohol content is minimally 5.5%, usable energy of the drink is 220 kJ/100 ml.

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