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Semtex Forte Energy Drink

Semtex Forte
    Can:250 ml
    Ingredients:Water, Sugar, Gucose, Citric Acid, Taurine (4000 mg/l), Carbon Dioxide,
    Caffeine (320 mg/l), Glucuronolactin (2400 mg/l), Inosit (200 mg/l),
    Vitamins, Colours: E 150, Riboflavin, Flavours (Aromatized).
    Note:Serve Chilled.
    Warning:Not suitable for children, diabetics and people sensitive to caffeine.

Semtex Forte Energy drink with caffeine, taurine and vitamins.
SEMTEX FORTE energy drink contains caffeine, taurin, glucuronolacton, inosit and vitamins. The product has the highest possible value of active substances. It encourages the rapid regeneration of the body, adds energy and efficiency.
Semtex is an oxygenated drink designed for the young generation. It finds its place there where there is increased boy exertion, during greater sports activity as well as mental stress and burden. It is also suitable for delaying sleep, preventing fatigue and for long car driving. The caffeine it contains generally stimulates and has a positive effect on the mental condition.

Taurin and glucuronolacton (substances found in the body and important factors for the metabolism) may not be present if there is great body exertion, so the effect of SEMTEX FORTE is to more quickly remove any harmful substances from the body.
Myo-Inosit directly activates hidden energy in the body. The body through this drink more quickly obtains energy and vitamins and it also contributes to improving muscles tension if the electrolytic balance is disturbed.

250 ml drink 100 ml drink
content (1 can) content

Caffeine 80 mg 32 mg
Taurin 1000 mg 400 mg
Glucuronolacton 600 mg 240 mg
Inosit 50 mg 20 mg
Vitamina B 6 0.0005 mg 0.0002 mg
Vitamina B 12 0.0005 mg 0.0002 mg
Niacin 20 mg 8 mg
Pantothenacid 5 mg 2 mg

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