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Hoegaarden White
Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit

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    A naturally clouded wheat beer with a pleasant yellow colour reminiscent of dry straw and a surprisingly refreshing, distinctive taste and alcohol content 5%.

    The secret of this sweet-and-sour and at the same time spicy taste lies in the traditional combination of ingredients used: wheat, barley, hops and pure spring water mix with the spiciness of added coriander and orange peels.

    The natural character of Hoegaarden beer is given by the brewing process, in which the beer is not filtered and which the beer is allowed to undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle. This ensures that all the goodness from the ingredients used goes right into the glass of Hoegaarden beer.

    Hoegaarden originated from the village Hoegaarden in Belgium and the roots of its tradition and unique brewing process go back to the year 1445, when brewers began making this beer from raw ingredients available locally. At the end of the 19th century this village with population 2,000 boasted 35 breweries. However, under the intense competition from lager-type beers, these microbreweries gradually disappeared and the last of them closed its gates in 1957. Fortunately, the original Hoegaarden beer recipe was re-discovered in 1963 by the milkman Pierre Celise and over the next 30 years it expanded throughout the entire world.

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