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Slovak Republic
Slovak Beer "Stein"
Stein - Draught ALE 10%
Stein - Draught STOUT 11%
Stein - Special beer 14%
Grosak Draught ALE 10%
Grosak Lager beer 12%




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Grosak Draught ALE 10%

Grosak Draught ALE 10%
    Brewery:STEIN beverages a.s., Slovak republic

Grosak draught beer is not one of the key products, nevertheless, it has addressed the buyers. It is made of good quality fresh water, malt, hop and hop extract by traditional technology. The beer is well saturated by carbon dioxide contributing to the required austerity and rich, long-lasting foam. Quality raw materials contribute to typical taste of this drink.

Alcohol content is minimally 3.3%, usable energy of the drink is 155 kJ/100 ml.

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