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Erektus Energy Drink

    Can:250 ml
    Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Concentrated Aromatic Base, Contents of Guarana,
    Herb Extracts, Caffein (300 ml/l), Vitamins, Citric Acid, Taurine (4000 mg/l),
    L-camitine (320 mg/l), Flavours, Colour EI24. (Aromatized).
    Note:Serve Chilled.
    Warning:Not suitable for children, diabetics, people sensitive to caffein. Don´t serve or mix with alcohol.

Erektus Energy drink with contents of guarana, caffein, vitamins and extract of exotic plants Damiana, Schizadra, Maté, Ginseng, effective against tiredness and stimulating efficiency.

EREKTUS is a special energy drink with a unique mixture of guarana, caffeine, L-carnitine, taurin, vitamins and extracts from the exotic plants of Damiana, Schizandra, Maté and Ginseng (Turnera diffusa var. aphrodisiaca, Schizandra chinensis, Ilex paraguarensis and Panax ginseng) acting against fatigue and increasing physical efficiency. EREKTUS can also contain L-carnitine, which acts not only against fatigue, but also directly removes fats from the body.

Guarana is a tropical evergreen trailing plant, which comes from the Amazon river basin. It is a plant capable of restoring lost energy to the human body. Unlike coffee, its action can last for up to several hours.

* stimulates brain function and encourages brain activity
* releases lactic acid from the muscles and thereby reduces pain after physical exertion
* has a positive effect on potency
* has a positive effect on the nervous and muscle system and prevents fatigue
* is suitable for nervous depression and convalescence after long illness
* acts as a tonic against exhaustion
* a preventive agent against arteriosclerosis
* has a detoxicating effect on the liver
* a comprehensive agent for the entire body and not just on some systems, so it is ideal for any systematic activity requiring concentration and the ability to react immediately

                250 ml drink	       100 ml drink
content (1 can) content

Caffeine 75 mg 30 mg
Taurin 1000 mg 400 mg
L-camitin 80 mg 32 mg
Vitamina B 6 0.75 mg 0.3 mg
Niacin 6.75 mg 2.7 mg
Pantothenacid 2.25 mg 0.9 mg
Folicacid 0.0075 mg 0.003 mg

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