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Slovak Beer "Stein"
Stein - Draught ALE 10%
Stein - Draught STOUT 11%
Stein - Special beer 14%
Grosak Draught ALE 10%
Grosak Lager beer 12%




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Stein - Draught STOUT 11%

Stein - Draught STOUT 11%
    Brewery:STEIN beverages a.s., Slovak republic

Draught stout is made of Pilsner malt as well as of special sorts of malt, which give it typical colour, nice caramel taste and aroma.

It is produced by traditional technology of separated main fermentation and afterfermentation. Fans of the dark beer consider it to be one of the best beers in this category. This fact was also confirmed at Slovak beer degustation in 1998, when Stein draught stout became not only the best dark beer, but it was also awarded the best beer among all types of beer irrespective the category.

Alcohol content is minimally 3.5%, usable energy of the drink is 175 kJ/100 ml.

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