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Kamikaze Components and Active Ingredients

Tribulus terrestris
In English called Puncture Vine or Small Caltrops. Contents saponines, phytosteroles, flavonoides and glykosides. Most effective are the derivates of cholestane, ergostane and spirostane (a lot of substances are developed from them, including diosgenine). This plant is used s a natural medicine in the countries of southeast Europe, especially in cases of men and women "hormonal insufficiency". It is useful in treatment of liver, kidney and urinary tract. Traditional chinese medicine recommends this plant for treatment of all kinds of skin problems. Tribulus is used by sportsmen as an effective non-hazardous substitute of illegal anabolic steroids.

Test have proved positive influence on physical and psychic regeneration, quantity of fat matter transformed into muscular matter increased. Tribulus increases natural production of testosterone, LH and FSH (hormones) and estradiole. That is why the strength and stamina increases, even the number of sperms increases. Tribulus increases the libido, supports the function of reproduction and ovulation, in other words increases readiness for the conception. Tribulus improves women sexual functions and eliminates unpleasant feelings of premenopause and menopause. The speed of the ageing process reduces, contribution of which is the better liver function. Usually, even the pathologicaly increased level of cholesterol is being reduced. There are no side effects when using Tribulus in the drink. Content of effective substances in one packing of the drink is subliminal in case of anabolic effects (muscular matter will not increase), but is effective in case of support of libido.

Bull grass
Contents fragrant substances, in particular a type of alkaloide called cumarine. Reduces the risk of developing stress, reduces muscle tension and acts against inflammations and pain.

Hemp seed
KAMIKAZE does not contain cannabinole, "light drug", considered by some specialists and legislative bodies as habit-forming in measurable quanity. The hemp seed extract however contains "information" encoded in cannabinole. Although this "drug" is not present in measurable quantity, the trace amounts impart benefits based on the principles as homeopathy. The effect is distinctively smaller, but is still ensured, without the risk of habit-forming.

First condition of favourable effect is the good taste of the drink. From the physiological point of view it is not only the taste attractivity, but as well the physiological effect which is important. As the drink has its specific taste you don't have the "sticky" feeling in your mouth, risk of developing dental caries is being reduced. Chilli contains alkaloid called capsaicine. Experiments made in USA proved that capsaicine consumed in cold drinks or ice cream protects against development of stomach ulcers.

Cactus fig
Addition of cactus fig to the drink is due to its unique taste, smell and colour. It is the dominant aromatic element of the drink and together with other extracts creates its original and delicious taste.

Vitamine B1 (thiamine)
This vitamine is present in the drink in significant quantity on purpose. Vitamine B1 is sensitive to heat and beside that there are substances present in some foodstuffs which destroy it. Alcohol destroys vitamine B1 as well. Thiamine is useful for diabetics, it defends against psychic overstrain. It affects transformation of sugars and fat.

Vitamine B6 (phyridoxine)
Increases production of nervous carriers in the brain.

Vitamine B12 (cobalamine)
Stimulates blood production and supports energy production.

Vitamine C
Effects of this vitamine are well known.

Guarana (Paulinia cupana)
Guaranosides (mixture of substances - guaranine, theofyline, theobromine, adenine and saponines) are present in the seed and are considered as very effective tonicum - stimulant. Tests have proved that these substances prolong the age, increase resistance to tiredness, support the ability of psychic concentration, improve blood circulation and decrease the risk of rise of cholesterole. They increase the transformation of fat into energy. They decrease the appetite as they prevent against the feeling of hunger. If there is only a very small quantity of guarana extract in the drink and if its effect is stimulated by synthetic caffein, the total effect is short-term and without significant influence in the above mentioned fields.

Kamikaze contains 150 mg of guaranine in one litre of the drink. This makes Kamikaze remarkable!

The reason why producers seldom use guarana in their products (or use only small quantities of it) is the high price of guarana on the market.

There exists a reasonable suspicion that many producers of drinks and food supplements that point out guarana in their products, but at the same time do not declare the quantity of guaranine on the label (not only guarana extract), build the effect of their product mostly on synthetic caffein.

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