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Celis White

Celis White
    Brewery:Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Celis White is a white wheat high fermentation beer with a touch of fruit and herbs. When served cold, it gets its cloudy white cover and refreshing light taste. Celis White is a delicious white beer that gets all the time it needs to develop naturally.

Where does the Celis White come from? Today it comes from Austin, Texas (USA), but originally of old it came from the picturesque Flemish-Brabant village of Hoegaarden, close to Tienen. For years, Pierre Celis devoted all his care and energy to brewing the Witte van Hoegaarden. Still, that wasn't enough to prevent the old conditioning tanks from becoming damaged and serious investments were needed to save Hoegaarden. Celis installed a new modern brewery with stainless steel kegs, but he kept the centuries-old recipe. The new Witte van Hoegaarden was so incredibly successful that in 1990, Celis received an irresistible takeover bid from the large Interbrew beer group. That transaction opened a new horizon for Pierre Celis.

Celis wanted to introduce America to our rich brewing tradition and so he once again built a brewery, this time in Austin, Texas. He repeated his success story and since April 27, 1992, Americans too are now drinking our Belgian white beer: the Celis White.
Like no other brewery, Van Steenberge values the quality of special beers and was therefore able to win an exclusive contract for the brewing and the distribution of
Celis White in Belgium.

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