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Budweiser (Budvar)
Budweiser (Budvar)
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Budweiser beer (Budvar)

Budweiser (Budvar)
    Brewery:Budweiser Budvar, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

Budweiser Budvar lager is characterised by its thick, rich head and distinct golden-yellow colour. The aroma of the lager is pronounced, a full beer aroma with a hint of hops. The bitterness is weak to medium and the after-taste disappears after a short time. The fullness of the beer is medium, malty. The lager has a medium to strong body which makes the drinker want to have another glass.

Beer made from the finest Saatz (Zatec) aroma hops, selected Moravian malt and high quality water drawn from the brewery's own wells that are more than 300m deep. The 90 days of maturing, the original recipe and the 700-year long tradition of producing Budweiser beer are the guarantees of the exceptional quality of the Original Premium Lager.

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