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    Brewery:Brouwerij Van Steenberge

In the second half of the 16th century, Bruegel was the best painter of his time and for a long time thereafter. Today Bruegel is the best amber beer of Belgium and beyond.
In contrast to the many popular beers of its type, Bruegel is a 'living' beer, with a second fermentation in the bottle or in the keg. And you can taste it. Its full-bodied flavor, refreshing aftertaste and aromatic head make it easy to order the next Bruegel. And you can do that because Bruegel is actually a light beer. It's a great party beer -
a beer for good times.

Bruegel is a great-tasting alternative to the traditional lager and can be enjoyed at all kinds of get-togethers, in the bar with friends, or alone with a book or in front of the
TV. Bruegel is also the ideal drink to have with lunch. This beer combines well with all spices, from a hearty warm meat dish to a spicy salad to a traditional pot of Zeeland mussels. The low alcohol content will enable you to then continue with your day's work without a problem.

Did you know that amber beer was the daily beer of our forefathers? Not too dark and not too light in color; somewhere in between. At the time, every brew differed slightly
in color compared to the previous brew because they didn't yet have the precise measuring instruments used by brewers today to perfectly brew the same beer time and time again.

And did you know that doctors and scientists all over the world recommend drinking
a glass of beer or wine with meals? It is proven that moderate alcohol consumption -
two to four glasses per day - specially with meals, prolongs life, strengthens one's
zeal for life and protects us against all kinds of illnesses.

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