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    Brasserie Du Bocq

    Everything began in 1858 when Martin BELOT, farmer in Purnode, started brewing a beer in his farm. In the very beginning, the beer was only brewed in the winter, when there was no work for his farmworkers on the fields.
    The discovery of a well of water of outstanding quality and quantity close to the farm was, of course, an additional asset.

    The brewery proposed a very wide range of products, going from table-beer to strong beers, passing through a large mix of densities, colours, bitterness and tastes.
    The brewer distributed the beers himself to his customers, mostly within a few kilometers around the brewery. It was after the first worldwar that the beer
    La GAULOISE, top-fermented brown beer, started to be brewed.
    From the very beginning, this beer has been very successful. La Gauloise brown is nowadays the oldest beer brewed and produced by Brasserie du Bocq.

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